Monday, August 15, 2011


That is something I do often. More often now that I am a mom.
Is Bryce going to like the food I gave him? Is Jayden going to eat at all? Is Jayden stable enough to climb to the top of the fort by himself? Is Bryce's constant night time cough going to ever get better? Will my palms stop itching, heart stop beating so very fast, my body stop sweating so much every time I hear one of them wake up in the middle of the night? Is Bryce going to like his new teacher? Is he really starting Kindergarten in one year? Will Jayden's heart ever get better to where he doesn't have to take meds? What is in store for the future? Will my boys choose godly women for their wives that make them better men? Will they, most importantly, follow God and the path He has in store for them? I could go on and on.

Every time I start this "worry questioning," (or I should say most of the time-I am not perfect, not even close) I stop and pray. I know God is in control, and I am not. And I am so very grateful for that. I would make a mess of these wonderful blessings He has given me if I were the one in control. And it takes the stress off of me. Yay! Talking to God gives me such peace.

I came upon this quote today, and am so glad I did. It was great timing with how I was feeling. It is pretty amazing. I need to hang it somewhere in my house (or in every room) so that I am reminded of this every day. Hope it encourages you like it did me.

“When a woman has a kingdom heart, she has an active understanding of what matters most to the heart of God. She lives in the balance of passion and contentment. She learns to love well, give without regard to self, and forgive without hesitation. The woman with a kingdom heart may have a duffel bag full of possessions or enough treasures to fill a mansion, but she has learned to hold them with an open hand. Hold everything with open hands. I don’t think we are ever allowed to grab hold of anything or anyone as though they matter more than the kingdom of heaven. When you hold relationships with open hands, then people come in and out of your life as gifts of grace to be cherished and enjoyed, not objects to be owned and manipulated. And then when you hold your dreams with open hands, you get to watch God resurrect what seemed dead and multiply what seemed small.”


  1. Soooooooooo awesome. You are a good woman, Gina Borden. A great wifey and a great momma. The men in your life are BLESSED by you :) Thx for sharing that quote!!

    Love the Bordens from the Bradfords!!

  2. Gina~~ how I wish we had a few hours to just sit and talk ~~ you would then realize how I struggle w anxiety everyday. It is sooo much better but I seriously had to get help(Christian counseling) helped so much!!! One day we sooo have to sit and chat girl!! It does get better as they get older too;)))

  3. Great post! I just had to comment because Jakob had that constant night time cough, and it turned out to be asthma. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you wanted to get it checked out.