Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Overload

This is about 1,000,000 posts in one. Our picture uploader thing (whatever that thing is called) broke and we finally bought another one. Hallelujah!! So, here is what has happened in the past couple of months (not in perfect order)...

Grammy and Pappy came to visit.

We went to MaMa's house.

Making ice cream with Daddy

Cooking with MaMa

We went to Grammy's and Pappy's house.

Crazy boy cousins

My cousin and fam came to Galveston for vacay. We went to an Astros game with them while they were here.

Bryce had his first dentist visit. It went great!!
We have had such a fun summer (except I wasn't a big fan of the dentist). I will do another post later of summer randomness.

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