Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Been a While...

I know it's been a while since I have written on this thing. I am going to try to get better at that...

So, here is the latest on what is going on with us. We went to San Antonio for a short family vacay. It was so much fun!! We went to a wilderness park where we got to feed the animals as we drove around. Bryce was loving it! He got a little scared of the zebras because they "had big teeth." He wouldn't feed them from his hand (which you aren't supposed to do anyway, such a rule follower :)). We went to Sea World and just HAD to sit in the splash zone (Bryan's words) at the Shamu show. Bryce thought it was funny, Jayden didn't like it so much but got over it fast. I didn't realize how cold those whales needed their water to be. We stayed at a really cool hotel that had 3 pools. Bryce was swimming every chance he got. We walked the Riverwalk and had lunch/caught up with a college friend who lives there. It was a nice getaway.

Bryce started his second year of pre-k. He did MUCH better this year than last. He walked right in, saw play-dough on the table and started playing. He asked me if I was going to stay with him (with a little quiver in his voice) but after a quick explanation of his day and that I would be there to pick him up, he was fine. Yay!! Made for a happy, relieved mommy!!

Jayden said his first words!!!! Other than Momma and Dadda, that is. He loves playing patty cake. We were walking around Hobby Lobby, he was sitting in the cart. He grabbed my hands, clapped them together, and said "pat, pat, pat"!!!! So precious!! Later that day, he said "hi" to me. Now, I try to get him to say it, and he smiles and hides his face as if he is shy. He does it some, but not often. He also started waving, giving high fives, and we are now working on blowing kisses. He is signing "more" when he wants more to eat. He started signing more when he wants to eat in general. Trying so hard for him to sign eat, but he just signs more for now. :) He has 6 teeth!!! WOW! The top 4 came in all at the same time. He was sad, but not as sad as you would think. He has some separation anxiety...not fun...He does not like going to Sunday class. But I am stubborn and he WILL like it one day. :) At his 9 month appointment, he weighed 19.7 lbs and is almost 28 inches long, both in the 25-50%.

I think that's it! You are now caught up!! All 2 of you that read this. :) I just realized Bryan hasn't uploaded the pics yet (I don't know how to do that-don't judge) so I will do pics later.