Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bryce's 4th Birthday

Today, my precious boy turned four. I love this little man so so much.

As requested by the birthday boy, we had a dinosaur and blue birthday party. It was a blast! The kids had so much fun!! We had a dinosaur egg hunt, a dino dig, dino coloring pages, dino tattoos, dino books, pin the horn on triceratops (which we never got to), and I tried my best to incorporate blue in as many places as possible. Here are a few pics from the party. Sorry for the pic overload. If I knew how to do those collages, I would.

Dinosaur Dig
Jayden and one of his BFFs
Decorating their buckets
Dino Egg Hunt
Bryce and Aunt Moo
Sweet Grace
Bryce and precious Payton
Bryce and Tayten
Love this pic of Lexi
Jayden and Uncle G

Jayden with Pappy
Jayden with Grammy
Bryce's favorite present (candy)

It was such a fun day! Thank you all for coming out to celebrate with us!! Happy Birthday, Bryce!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Go!" and "Lord I'm A May"

Two sweet stories to end the day about my two precious boys:

Today, while Bryce was at school, Jayden and I ran a ton of errands to get ready for Bryce's birthday party. At our last store, he was getting tired and ready to leave. He started yelling, "Go! Go! Gooooo!!!!!!!!!" Not that I condone yelling, especially in a store, but it was quite cute.

When Bryce was a baby, he cried a lot (sorry to out you, Bryce). To soothe him, his daddy and I would sing Lord, I'm Amazed. He has grown to know that song as his song. He calls it, "Lord I'm A May." So sweet. Sometimes, when we put him to bed, he asks us to sing Lord I'm Amazed and rub his back. I ended my day with my sweet (almost) four year old calling me back up the stairs to sing his song and rub his back. This is one special thing that I will one day miss. May that day be far, far away. :)

Hope you all end your day with a smile on your face, too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melt My Heart

We have been having a hard time with Bryce not wanting to go to Sunday class at church. Today, he wasn't too happy about it at first, but he actually walked in the room on his own, without me shoving him in the door, and didn't even cry!! Huge progress!! He also did so well sitting quietly in church with us. So, when we got in the car to go home, I praised and praised and praised him for being such a big boy and not crying, etc. He said, You're welcome, Mommy." Then there was a long pause where I was driving, and Bryce was looking out the window. Then he looked up at me and said, "You're a good woman, Mommy." At that moment, (for the millionth time since I have been a mommy) my heart melted.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jayden

Well, this has been long overdue. I have been terrible at this blogging thing. Yes, Jay's birthday was in November. I feel awful. Not only was it his birthday, but his FIRST birthday, and I have yet to blog about it. Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas. My goal is to get much better....
Jayden had such a fun birthday! It was a rockstar birthday, which included some awesome cupcakes, star chocolate pops (made by Aunt Moo and Nana), and some rocking blow up guitars. We had some wonderful friends come celebrate with
Jay-dawg. The weather was perfect for a backyard BBQ and bounce house.
I cannot begin to describe how much we love this boy. He has brought so much joy into our lives (along with his big brother). We are so grateful to God for entrusting him to us to raise him to be the man God calls him to be.
Here are a few things he is doing lately:
Momma, Dada, Bubba, GuhGuh (Buckwheat), Hi, Bye-Bye, PapPap (Pappy), Daguh!! (Tackle!!), Yes, No, Uh-Oh, Eat, Go, Thank You, and I am sure more but can't think of any more right now.
Sign Language:
Eat, More, Please, Thank You
Things he is doing:
Crawling everywhere FAST (not walking yet), Standing on his own for a few seconds, Screams a LOT (Mommy is working on breaking that habit), Gets excited when Daddy comes home from work, High Five, Waves, Kisses goodbye (and clicks his tongue instead of smacking)

Love that kid!!

I will leave you with pictures. Be ready, there are lots.

Here is Bryce at his first birthday devouring his cake is seconds.
Here is Jayden barely touching his cake.