Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Go!" and "Lord I'm A May"

Two sweet stories to end the day about my two precious boys:

Today, while Bryce was at school, Jayden and I ran a ton of errands to get ready for Bryce's birthday party. At our last store, he was getting tired and ready to leave. He started yelling, "Go! Go! Gooooo!!!!!!!!!" Not that I condone yelling, especially in a store, but it was quite cute.

When Bryce was a baby, he cried a lot (sorry to out you, Bryce). To soothe him, his daddy and I would sing Lord, I'm Amazed. He has grown to know that song as his song. He calls it, "Lord I'm A May." So sweet. Sometimes, when we put him to bed, he asks us to sing Lord I'm Amazed and rub his back. I ended my day with my sweet (almost) four year old calling me back up the stairs to sing his song and rub his back. This is one special thing that I will one day miss. May that day be far, far away. :)

Hope you all end your day with a smile on your face, too.

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  1. Both of these stories make me smiiiiile! Such little sweetie pies :) Singing that song to Bryce at night...such sweet little moments!! AH! Being a parent (although exhausting at times ha!) is THE coolest experience

    Bryce & Jayden are lucky to have you as their momma.