Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ronnie, our preacher, has been talking to us about generosity.

Oh, how our church has shown my family so much generosity in the 9 years we have been here!

The time that made the most impact on me was when the church carried us through our difficult time at the beginning of Jayden's life. We were astounded. And still are. We received tons of cards, calls, texts, visits in the hospital, prayers, friends who took care of Bryce, our dentist came to our house one night to look at Bryce's teeth when he fell, a sweet nurse friend who wanted to be in the OR with us and made it work, a doctor friend who gave me so many words of encouragement and was there for every phone call to explain everything, people who even called my mom (who was taking care of Bryce) to see if she needed anything, a best friend who took Bryce to the doctor when he got sick, sweet friends at church who came to clean our house, another friend who paid someone to clean our house later, food, food, and more food for about 2 months, people at church were calling friends they knew that were doctors and nurses or parents who have been through the same thing with their child to call us and talk to us about it, people at church we didn't even know came to visit us in the hospital, anonymous checks in the mail, clothes for Bryce because he was quickly growing at the time. I know there is even more that I am currently forgetting, or that I never even knew about.

Generous. That is our church. I have learned by their example to have an authentic giving heart. They take less so that others may receive more. I am proud to be a part of our church.

It is so apparent when we start to treasure ourselves, our things, our time. But laying up treasure in heaven is learning to value what is valuable to God, and to not value earthly things. Studying Jesus and the way he lived his life here on earth is the best way to learn that.

"Relearning to stockpile in heaven will be huge for most of us. It will probably require a radical change in our thinking. But first you have to decide where your heart wants to be. If you want to redirect your heart, then lead with your treasure".

Thank you, church family, for being so generous for so many reasons. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

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  1. Such a great post Gina;)) so glad baby boy is doing well!