Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I have decided to join everyone out there and start a blog. I have been putting it off because I am not the best at computers and knew I would get frustrated early on and would quit. So, I am hoping I stick to it. Wish me luck.........

Let me tell you what is going on with us right now:
Our son, Bryce, is 2 years old and will be 3 in January. He just started preschool this year and goes twice a week. He HATED it at first. Every time we dropped him off, it was as if we were putting him (and us) through a miserable experience. He is now loving it and asks almost every day to go. I am so thankful he enjoys it now.

Bryan is still the youth minister at First Colony Church of Christ and he loves it (and so do I)!!! We are working at and a part of the greatest church family. They are the most giving, selfless people I have ever met. We have been so blessed to be at this church for seven years. We love them dearly and could not ask for more.
Bryan and I are having our second son in TWO WEEKS!!! I have no idea how busy we are going to be, but people are telling me that going from one to two is more than twice as hard. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am trying to get as much sleep as possible now, because somehow I am going to have to run on almost no sleep when Jayden comes. There is no "sleep when the baby sleeps" when you also have a toddler running around. Those of you with two kids, let me know what you did to survive!! Any tips??
We found out when I was 21 weeks along that our baby, Jayden, has a heart condition. It is called Transposition of the Great Arteries. It basically means his pulmonary artery and aorta have changed positions while developing. He is fine in the womb, but when he comes out, his oxygenated and deoxygenated blood will not mix like they need. This means he will not get enough oxygen to his brain and major organs. Because of this, he will have open heart surgery within his first week of life to switch back the pulmonary artery and aorta. My c-section is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, and then Jayden will have his surgery sometime that week. We would love your prayers throughout this whole experience.
I guess that is our life right now. Hope this catches everyone up. I know the pictures are in the wrong spot, but, hey, I got them on here!! That's pretty good for me.
Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Yeah, now I can keep up with you! I didn't know about Jayden's heart condition I will keep you all in my prayers for a quick recovery and that you adjust seamlessly to being a family of 4 :-)

  2. I just added you to my blog faves! We will be praying for the next few weeks. Blessings on you guys.

  3. so glad you have a blog now! we will be covering you all in prayer over the next few weeks. we love you guys!

  4. Going from 0 to 1 baby was the hardest for me. It was easier with my 2nd and the easiest transition with my 3rd! You'll get it all figured out. So glad you came to the blog world! I've fallen behind on mine. Little Jayden is in my prayers! Can't wait to meet him!

  5. Well hellooooo, Bloggy Friend! :) Just another FAB way to keep up w/ my BFF! This will be such a great way to keep everyone informed and let us know how to pray specifically for that sweet li'l boy in your belly...and you, too, of course! Hang in there, sweet Friend. "With God's help, little guys can do big things, too!" ~ Junior Asparagus ~ Love you lots, Friend!!!

  6. Yeah! I'm so glad you joined in on the fun! I was hoping to find some great wisdom on how to survive with two as well! I'm only 6 weeks into the family of 4, but the hardest thing for me is my almost 3 year old. With Eli, I am learning from the first, but Camille is definitely requiring much more attention! I am very thankful that I'm not doing this alone! Clayton is a great help and I admire single moms ever more than before!