Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

I realize Dr. Seuss' bday was March 2, but I am just now getting around to blogging again...terrible blogger...

I love love love Dr. Seuss' books. There are so many lessons to learn from them. And I love love love that Bryce is getting to the age that he can (and wants to) do so many projects/activities that correlate with Dr. Seuss. We didn't get to do near as many activities as I had planned, and I forgot to take pics of some of them, but here are a few.

Bryce made a "Cat in the Hat" hat
We spelled cat, and then changed the first letter so now he knows how to spell so many more words, thanks to rhyming. :)
I made a Cat in the Hat grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Bryce was so excited about this!
We also read "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" then graphed some rainbow goldfish to see of which color we had the most. Then we made patterns with them. Then we ate them. :)

I wanted to read "The Foot Book" and make foot prints, but we ran out of time. I still plan to do this soon.

I hope you all had a great Dr. Seuss day, too. I am sure you already posted your pics. :)

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