Sunday, January 10, 2010

My sweet little boy has colic. Poor little guy just cries and cries in the evenings until I pick him up. He looks up at me and sees me looking back at him, and then he relaxes a little and almost immediately stops crying. He knows that when he is in my arms, he is okay. He trusts me entirely knowing that I am going to take care of his every need. I cannot help but think of God every time I have Jayden in my arms and he does this. When we are in God's arms, we can rest and relax knowing He is going to take care of us. Sadly, so many times, we try to do things on our own when all we have to do is let God hold us, look up to Him as he is looking back at us, and sigh in relief knowing He is in control and we have nothing to fear. Yet another lesson we can learn (or be reminded of) from children. Praise God that we are not in control and He is!

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